Started in February of 2020 as COVID entered our lives from an infectious cruise ship buffet not ten miles from FP HQ, Fight Pizza née Fight Prose provided a place to kill some quarantine time writing about MMA. Specifically big-ticket Asia-focused MMA (RIZIN, ONE, and revisiting old Pride shows). As time went on, it expanded to include sumo wrestling, other combat sports, and movies somehow related to fighting and/or just sort of with that b-movie vibe. Speaking of which, check out the youtube channel.

Another shift occurred in 2022 as I realized there was no need for me to segregate my blog lives and more or less dropped the anonymity and moved my other, more serious, blog SEASONS over here as well. That started as a creative writing serial fiction project which sort of fizzled and subsequently became a place to put other creative works, which it will remain, rebranded as Fight Pizza Fictions. It is predicted this expansion into the literary may finally kill the dwindling readership once and for all, but ce la vie, je suis un artiste. 🧑‍🎨🥂

As 2023 dawned, my above prediction bore fruit. As such, all non-fight portions of Fight Pizza were moved to A Sorted Repository and Fight Pizza once again was limited (mostly) to combat and no artsy fartsy shit.

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